5 Rarest Body Piercings Youve Never Seen – Swap Shop Radio

The earlobe is the most prominent, and every day it is becoming more imaginative. The piercings that are rare tend to be performed on cartilage located throughout the body. What are the most unusual body piercings that you can obtain from a company that specializes in body piercing?

In the video, the narrator states that the rhino-piercing that is thought to be the most rare body piercing in the world, can be found. This piercing of the body is performed via the tip of the nose. A circular end holds the barbell in place. Others use spike tips to fix the barbell.

The 2nd most uncommon body piercing is the transverse ears piercing. Instead of being anchored to the middle of the earlobe, the barbell extends throughout the earlobe.

The third rarest body piercing is the mantis the piercing. Similar to an nose piercing except that it is attached at the point.

The fourth rarest body piercing is the nasal piercing , and possibly the most severe body puncturing. Why? Because it goes through the nose cartilage.

Sep drilling is the fifth most one of the body’s most difficult perforations. It is required that a person have a septum piercing already there and require to have it stretched. 1jwl56dwbp.

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