An Intro to Illegal Evictions – United States Laws

It is a situation that doesn’t fall in the law of local eviction. It is not a mistake to think that a landlord is not within the scope of these laws. These laws affect both tenants as well as landlords. The best way to learn about your landlord and tenant rules with your local housing agency or an eviction lawyer.

It is possible to sue for compensation if you’ve been legally expelled. The question of whether the eviction is illegal or not largely is dependent on the rental contract between the landlord and tenant.

The landlord should clearly define every eviction clause in the rental agreement and offer sufficient notice for the renter to address it properly. If the tenant fails to comply with the rental agreement provisions or hasn’t given sufficient notice, they are not permitted to dispel the tenant.

A landlord also cannot evict the tenant if they have a reason to withhold rent because of an hazard to health or safety that the landlord refuses to address. Click the above link to learn more.


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