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to heal the body of a person and the steps a person is required to follow to avoid their body from developing an illness.
What are The Principles Used in the Holistic Medicine And Treatment?

Holistic Medicine and care focus on the principals outlined below.

Everyone can take care of their body and take on the responsibility for their well-being. A healthy lifestyle is comprised of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Holistic health care is focused on the complete person and is not focused on a particular disease. Holistic health care focuses on eliminating the root cause behind any condition or disease rather than simply treating the symptoms. A patient’s health doesn’t define them. Holistic practitioners collaborate with patients to discover their specific needs and identify the most effective treatment options. In the beginning, preventing illness is the most important purpose of holistic treatment, whereas treating a disease is considered to be an additional goal. The holistic treatment method will be determined by the interaction between a doctor and the patient who seeks it. There are a variety of holistic medical treatment

Holistic medicine includes holistic care using a variety of techniques, such as traditional medicine as well as self-care, lifestyle changes and other modifications in addition to alternative and complementary therapies. The holistic approach uses methods that comprise:

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

A holistic doctor can prescribe and perform therapies including psychotherapy, the use of music or reflexology.

Lifestyle and educational changes

Holistic care practitioners will teach their patients.


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