Common Golfer Mistakes – Contemporary Art Magazine

There are plenty of ways to commit mistakes in the course of golf. But we amateurs often harm ourselves through making mistakes fundamental to the game that could be avoided with more careful deliberation.

1. If you are playing on the green, make sure you keep it the closest to the Terra firma.
2. The average amateur would take one club more on each iron shot that they encounter. It’s a significant gain in their overall score. Sure, they’ll fire one through the back but, generally speaking, they’d end up closer to the flag.
3. People who have difficulty playing their lengthy game usually carry numerous weapons that they don’t intend on employing. What’s the point of having a driver in your bag if it cannot, or won’t use it? The reason why the horde of fairway woodens when the biggest item you’re certain of pulling out is the 4-hybrid.
4. Timing is essential when trying to strike a ball correctly. You know that if you strike too quickly, you’ll lose your rhythm and the end result won’t look beautiful. But, with a driver in your hand and a long par-5 ahead and the thought that will come into your mind: “This one is going to be a monster!”

If you’re a golfer, watch out at these four common mistakes. hiv6sha1oj.

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