Gazebo Vs. Pergola, Whats the Difference? – Cost of College Education

outdoor structure to their homes. A pergola or gazebo is a wonderful accessory to your house. It can make your home an inviting place for visitors to visit and improve curb appeal should you decide to sell. If the weather gets warmer pergolas and gazebos will be your first choice in a backyard. But, what’s the main difference between pergolas and a Gazebo, and which is the right choice for your home? This video gives us some insight on the matter.

Contrary to a gazebo, pergolas are an outdoor structure that is the appearance of a passageway or walkway by using long, flat roofed poles. It is employed by several parks and gardens for their dreamy and unique look. A gazebo, for other hand can be described as an enclosed place in which the roof is joined at some point. In addition, gazebos have floors that are raised where pergolas use the natural ground. Whether you call a pergola builder or gazebo builder is contingent on the objectives that you wish to accomplish with your outdoor area.


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