How to Estimate a Vinyl Siding Installation – Family Dinners

If you’re looking into vinyl siding The cost will likely be to be on the forefront of your thoughts. This video will explain how to determine the price and the measurements for vinyl siding.

The first step is to take photos of the exterior, interior, as well as the sides of the house. It will give you an overall impression of the dimensions and layout of the home. This also acts as a guideline when the project is underway.

You will first need to determine the dimensions of standard walls and gables. It is necessary to determine the length and width of all standing walls.

The gables follow. They can be measured using the height of standard walls to calculate the width of the gables. Always count twice!

Dormers are a component of a home which extends out from the roof. Determine the length and the height of all the dormers in addition to the number you estimated from standard gables and walls.

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