Important Tips for Crawl Space Repair – Home Renovation and Remodeling Digest

Sagging floors can be result of moisture and drainage problems. Being ahead of the game and repairing sagging floors won’t need to be a priority if you do repairs to your crawlspace first. Let’s discuss some possible issues with sagging that may arise from crawl space issues.

When it comes time to pinpoint the source of sliding floors throughout your house there are various elements that need to take apart. It’s crucial to take an in-depth look at floor joists , which may be sliding across the supports of your foundation wall and the primary beams between columns. It is then possible to take measurements in order to find the exact location which needs to be addressed. You can find out where and how much the floor joists’ have been sagging, when you look under the crawl space. The easiest way to tell if a certain number of the crawl space floor joists are sagging simply by stepping under it. You should be sure to look for drainage or moisture issues.

Check out the video above to learn more about how damaged crawl spaces can lead to foundational problems like sagging floors.


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