Pet Grave Markers, in Loving Memory of your Pet

Pet grave markers

Did you know that there are over one hundred and fifty millions pet dogs and cats in the United States? Dogs and cats used to be viewed almost like household employees. Cats were useful because they caught mice, rats, and other small rodents that would damage food supplies and carry disease. Dogs were useful because they loyally protected their owners and were good at hunting, herding, and more. While cats and dogs still do these things, today they are primarily a member of the family before anything else. Studies have shown that when a pet dies, the pain experienced by a grieving pet owner can be just as bad as the feelings of loss and sadness experienced after the death of a relative or friend.

Eventually our pet friends do pass away, and when they do, we want to honor them as best we can. Today, many pet owners are choosing to remember their furry friends with pet grave markers. Pet stones are gravestones for pets that are miniature versions of human stones. They can be made from interesting materials like river stones that are unique and memorable. Many owners bury their animals in the backyard, and pet grave markers are a nice way to mark the location in memory.

The passing of a loved pet can be a very difficult experience, but after time, it is easier to remember your pet fondly and you might want to reflect on the relationship you had with them. Headstones for pets give owners a visual memory and a quiet place for grieving or reminiscence. If actual pet grave markers are not preferential, some owners opt for engraved urns instead.

My own cat, Percy, died while I was away and she was buried in an unmarked box in the woods. I often wonder if I have walked past her without realizing it. It would have been nice to have pet grave markers to mark the place, but unfortunately, my parents did not think of this in the way.


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