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According According to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA According to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) in 2016) according to the Minnesota Pollution Control Authority (MPCA 2016), around 30 percent of the state’s rivers and streams are impaired due to sediment. Poorly managed construction sites can contribute significant sources of sediment for these waters. As much as 100 tonnes of sediment per acre may be lost every year from uncontrolled areas of construction (EPA 1999). In Minnesota, the State of Minnesota regulates the construction stormwater permit program 2013 to mitigate these effects. This program requires carefully created erosion and sediment control plans to reduce runoff pollution, implementation and up-grading of the plans as well as the operation and monitoring of the runoff mitigation methods for stabilizing the area. Penalties are very severe for reckless or intentional violations.

Erosion can be described as the dislodgement or movement of soil and rock caused by wind, water, or frozen. While erosion is a natural procedure, it could accelerate significantly by human activities such as clearing of land surfaces and disruptions to conveyance channels. ar4zxuslfs.

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