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t of every home. The roof system makes from many different components beyond the roof shingles. This video provides the fundamentals of the roofing system and the functions each component is accountable for.

The leak barrier is the initial piece of construction to be laid after the wood frame. The most effective leak barriers are placed along the edges, the at the peaks and valleys of the roof. This layer seals these areas of the roof, which could be affected by damage or leaks.

After that, it is time to apply a layer roofing deck protection. It is an extremely thin elastic material that blocks rain from entering your house and inflicting damage.

In addition to the leak barrier metal drip edges may also be installed. The drip edges made of steel are positioned above the leak barrier as a way to safeguard the roof’s edge. This can be the most vulnerable area to get removed during storms that are heavy. In the next step, starter strips as well as the shingles are erected. The meat and potatoes are on the roof.

Added protection is installed on the tops of the chimneys because roofing shingles won’t fit in the peaks. It is installed on chimneys and pipes. The video is available for more details.


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