Starting an AC Repair Company – Small Business Managed IT Support

g about the details regarding the time and method of starting the process of starting an AC repair company are looking for Zack concerns, like what time period he had worked for an individual before beginning his own venture. He explained that he began working for contractors in 2002, and gained a lot of knowledge of heating and cooling services. He was employed by other contractors for about a decade before starting the company he owns. At first, the company was just a part-time project he worked on after he punched out at his full-time work. Then, Zack went full-time with his own AC repair firm at the end of 2014 when he realized that he wanted to do things himself and to be in charge of the way things were run.

The third question was about his methods of getting clients to launch the AC repair company. Though some of his clients followed him, many went through different avenues, like posting their ads to Craigslist and Facebook. It was unfortunate that this strategy did not lead to much success. Nowadays, he has the majority of his clients through referrals from other satisfied clients.


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