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Create programs to assist patients in recovering

The main goal of the Foundation is to support patients who’ve suffered heart attacks and other ailments. They offer medical services such as cardiology and rehabilitation, along with other services. The aim is to support people who are unable to pay for essential healthcare. The volunteers and staff provide the assistance needed by visiting the home of the patients, giving them the required items, and then monitoring them to ensure they take medicine as prescribed by their doctor or nurse doctor.

Patient Eligibility

There is a chance that you can receive financial assistance from the HealthWell Foundation if you meet these criteria for eligibility: If you have a pre-existing condition and are eligible, the HealthWell Foundation can help you to pay medical expenses. Pre-existing conditions are those which you were suffering from prior to submitting an application for insurance. It could range as minor injury, like chicken pox, Strep throat, or a significant illness, such as cancer or heart disease. If you’re experiencing throat inflammation, you should consult the HealthWell foundation can guide you to the right specialist for your region. Some people may get coverage in the event of an illness that developed recent (within the last six months) but not ones that have developed within the last six months that went untreated for longer than 90 days, commonly referred to as with ‘undefined symptoms.

Individuals with health insurance may seek financial aid for the purpose of paying their medical bills. Anyone can request assistance from the HealthWell Foundation if they have an injury or illness that disables them from working. Health insurance coverage is required to qualify (including Medicare Part D). People who do not have insurance or who pay a high amount to cover their medication won’t be qualified.


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