Use This List of First Year Law Student Summer Internships to Get Ahead on Your Applications – Juris Master

Religion, national origin or disability, age or gender-specific identity or gender. NYCLU promotes diversity, equity and equality. They also strive to employ a variety of people representative of their clientele.
6. NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund Summer Litigation Internships for 2023

This is also one of the few first-year law student intern positions available for summer 2023. Summer internships in litigation at the New York and Washington, D.C. Office of NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. are opening now. The LDF plans to offer in-person internships in both offices.

Interns in summer litigation have the responsibility of carrying out the legal investigation, creating memos collecting evidence, making information and outreach resources, research review and assortment of other assignments as they are required as part of the LDF’s advocacy and litigation work in Criminal Justice, Economic Justice, Political Participation and Education. This means you can gain an invaluable understanding of how drug lawyers’ workday is and sounds like, in addition to other types of practices. Interns from throughout the country are invited to a number of brown bag luncheons that feature prominent civil rights and public interest attorneys to gain experience with various aspects of the greater national civil rights coalition held in the summer.

It is advised to first make an application for funding from their school’s public-interest programs as well as other suitable sources. LDF is able to grant funding to those that aren’t able or unwilling to source funds elsewhere. LDF prefers students from second year to be hired, but they might consider applicants from the first year in certain circumstances. The interns will be expected to work minimum ten weeks over the course of the summer. Flexible arrangements might be possible in exceptional circumstances.

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