What to Expect When Gettinga DOT Medical Exam – SCHUMM

If you recently got hired or are currently in an interview to be appointed as a driver for a truck or another job in an organization like the Department of Transportation, you are now required to take medical examinations from the Department of Transport. This medical exam may be stressing you out as you might not be aware of the exact requirements. The video describe what to attend to during a medical exam for the DOT. Medical exams are extremely essential and helps to ensure the applicant is qualified for the DOT as well as confirming that you’re physically fit to work for this company as it is a very serious company that you can work for.

The physical examination for DOT is exactly like your regular visit to your physician. There is a great deal of forms to complete just like you do if had a visit to the doctor for the first time. This paperwork will ask for many of your particulars, including your complete name, address, phone number, any diseases that run within your family and numerous other details.

This video will provide a complete explanation of what happens during an DOT physical exam to ensure you’re ready.


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