What You Must Know About Potential DUI’s – eclwa.org

Are you facing an DUI accusation? If so, you should consult the DUI attorney to seek guidance and legal representation if you are facing. In defending your case a DUI attorney will make sure that your DUI conviction is absolved in your favor.

Can you receive tickets to be charged with DUI? Yes, when you are charged with a DUI offense, a ticket or summons is handed to the offender at the point of arrest. The tickets will indicate when the suspect must be in court. Most offenders will have their driver’s license suspended, too.

Perhaps you’re wondering if it is possible to get jailed in the event of your first DUI if you are first time offenders. the answer is maybe. It is true that in most states, you can avoid jail for your first offence. The jail sentence can however be inflicted for more severe circumstances for example, the death of or injuries to the victim, the high levels of blood alcohol and the presence in the vehicle of minors in the vehicle at the time the offense occurred.

An offender who is arrested for DUI with no license typically is charged with two crimes: a DUI offense, as well as one for unlicensed driving. If a person faces charges for a third or following DUI incident, a longer sentence can be handed down by the judge, in combination with any other sanctions.


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