Which Portable Toilets Are Best For Camping? – Camping Riano

It’s fun spending time outdoors in peace for a while. In most cases, this means making your own tent, and cooking food on your campfire. What do you do to keep your affairs in order even in the wild? A few campsites offer restroom areas. But if you’re far from the main roads it might not be an option. For this reason, some choose to use portable toilets. These toilets can be taken with you during your camping vacation. While they’re not the prettiest, they are functional. In this video we’ll talk about portable toilets and their options.

The first toilet that is portable that is on our list is the Camco Portable Toilet. It looks just like the typical toilet. One of the main advantages of this toilet is that it is equipped with an in-built tank that is filled with several gallon of water. The toilet can be flushed to eliminate waste. Plus, it keeps the smell out of the air. The only downside with this particular toilet is that is big and bulky. If you need to do long distances of walking, it is best to search to find a lighter alternative. Go through the rest of this video to find out more choices.


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