Why Should Your Estate Plan Include Life Insurance? – Insurance Magazine

liquid assets. Life insurance policies can be utilized to help offset the cost of assets. It will spare your family from the burden of selling assets in a short time and probably less than their market value.

Neglecting to pay federal estate taxes could have dire implications. The executor could be personally accountable. In addition, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the event that the executor has not made the transfer of assets in the past to their heirs it could be able to pursue the collection of estate taxes. Anyone who is a part of an estate can face serious problems when they do not pay their taxes. However, the proceeds of life insurance can provide the necessary funds to cover all tax obligations, both state and federal. It can also avoid problems with the IRS.

The federal and state tax will affect the value an estate. The taxes due are nine months after the owner’s death The liquidation of the assets belonging to the deceased can require a long time. Also, investments or savings accounts, as well as loans as well as liquidation, may not be enough to settle the remaining balance. The best answer to the issue “Why should an estate plan include life insurance?” is that it incorporates estate tax payment. One of the best ways to lessen taxes on estates is through life insurance.

Always check your state’s laws on exclusion of estate taxes. Although the exemption law for federal estate tax is 23.4 millions US dollars for couples, and 11.7 million US dollars for singles the exclusion tax for your state could be less. But, beginning January 1, 2026, the proposed federal tax law returns the exemption at 5.49 millions US dollars, adjusted to inflation. It will amount to 12 millions US dollars for married couples and Six millions US dollars for individual taxpayers. While your investment may be lower than the tax threshold but tax adjustments are inevitable.

Business assets are insured with insurance

The ability to access savings and investment components can be obtained for the whole-life insurance or universal. These components, which are stipulated in the policy’s terms enable you to obtain loans for protection of your business against economic disasters. Additionally, life insurance can


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