4-Legged Kids Pet Sitting in St Louis MO

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4-Legged Kids Pet Sitting

10 Strecker Rd

St Louis, MO 63011



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We believe the bond between pet and parent is strong and can’t be understood except by another pet parent. We are blessed by that bond ourselves. We believe the safety and care of our pets is priority…and our services are designed to provide the same comfort for other pet parents. Your pets are family.

What is Wrong With My Pug?

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Pug health problems

When looking for a dog, it is prudent to consider the dog health problems that are common to whatever breed of dog you are looking to get. Knowing some of the issues that your future dog could potentially deal with is a good idea before you get the dog.

One popular type of dog with a track record of health issues is the pug. Some pug health problems are common to many dogs, and some are unique to pugs.

Many small dogs suffer from luxating patella. It is sometimes called “trick knees.” It involves the dislocation of the small bone at the end of the femur. It is one of the pug health problems that usually requires surgery. Not only does the surgery relieve pain and fix the problem, it prevents other potential pug health problems. Although it is generally successful, the surgery is expensive.

A few other health problems that plague several different breeds of dog include blindness as the vessels around the retinas degenerate or as the white part of the eye becomes pigmented and irritated and the obstruction of the airway of a dog, which results in weird snoring and honking noises. All of these can be fixed with surgery.

Specific pug health problems include pug dog encephalitis, which involves the swelling of the brain. This can lead to seizures, and there is no known cure. When looking for dogs, especially when looking at pugs, it is important to know the pug health problems that could effect the dog through its tenure with you.

Getting An Appropriate Dog Food Coupon For Pet Food

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Dog food coupon

Dog food coupons are ideal for people that are looking to reduce their monthly budget for taking care of an animal but still want to ensure that their dog gets the best possible sustenance. If you are trying to find a dog food coupon, there are several things that you should stay mindful of during your search so that you can get coupons that will help you lower your pet food bill. It is vital that you look for a dog food coupon that can be applied to the particular food that your animal needs so that you can get the right dog food to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

There are several great ways to find a dog food coupon that you can use for savings on pet purchases. One of the most convenient methods of finding a dog food coupon is searching on the Internet so that you can look for the various types of coupons that are available for pet owners. Online, you can look for a dog food coupon for a specific brand, or a coupon that is offered by one particular store. In some cases, a pet store will offer a dog food coupon that gives shoppers a percentage off all of the products offered by a certain brand. When you are considering the coupons available, you also want to be conscious of the expiration date of these coupons.

The expiration date of a dog food coupon has a big impact on how you will be able to use it. Sometimes, stores and manufacturers will be flexible about the expiration day of a dog food coupon, which will allow you to use a coupon even after it expires. However, your best bet is to ensure that you use your coupon by the date that is indicated on the coupon itself so that you will be able to ensure that you can get a discount on the food that you buy for your animal.

Owning a pet can be a wonderful experience for people that want to have a bond with a living creature that lives in their home. Pets will offer some pleasurable experiences and many years of companionship if you take care of them properly. Look for a coupon that will allow you to conserve your budget so that you can take care of your dog without spending more than you need to on pet supplies.

I Only Want the Best for My Dog

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Denver veterinarians

We usually think of ancient Egyptians as revering cats (which they certainly did), but did you realize they were dog crazy, too? They would actually go through elaborate mourning rituals upon the death of a beloved dog, something rather like a full funeral. This seems to indicate that these ancient people loved their dogs just as much as we do today. I know I feel that way about my pup, which is why I’ll only take him for the best dog grooming Denver can offer, just like I’ll only entrust him to the best Denver veterinarians, and when I’m traveling leave him with the finest dog boarding Denver has.

Looking for the right veterinarian denver area is tricky, but finding the very best dog grooming Denver is even more subjective. Not only should a great dog grooming Denver professional be able to get your dog looking good, they should also be able to read its personality and temperament and respond accordingly. I feel like I hold this same thing in mind when choosing a good veterinarian denver. A really great dog grooming Denver expert should also use top shelf products on my dog, and give me plenty of advice and information about aftercare to keep my little guy attractive and comfortable.

Pet Grave Markers, in Loving Memory of your Pet

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Pet grave markers

Did you know that there are over one hundred and fifty millions pet dogs and cats in the United States? Dogs and cats used to be viewed almost like household employees. Cats were useful because they caught mice, rats, and other small rodents that would damage food supplies and carry disease. Dogs were useful because they loyally protected their owners and were good at hunting, herding, and more. While cats and dogs still do these things, today they are primarily a member of the family before anything else. Studies have shown that when a pet dies, the pain experienced by a grieving pet owner can be just as bad as the feelings of loss and sadness experienced after the death of a relative or friend.

Eventually our pet friends do pass away, and when they do, we want to honor them as best we can. Today, many pet owners are choosing to remember their furry friends with pet grave markers. Pet stones are gravestones for pets that are miniature versions of human stones. They can be made from interesting materials like river stones that are unique and memorable. Many owners bury their animals in the backyard, and pet grave markers are a nice way to mark the location in memory.

The passing of a loved pet can be a very difficult experience, but after time, it is easier to remember your pet fondly and you might want to reflect on the relationship you had with them. Headstones for pets give owners a visual memory and a quiet place for grieving or reminiscence. If actual pet grave markers are not preferential, some owners opt for engraved urns instead.

My own cat, Percy, died while I was away and she was buried in an unmarked box in the woods. I often wonder if I have walked past her without realizing it. It would have been nice to have pet grave markers to mark the place, but unfortunately, my parents did not think of this in the way.

Animal Au Paws, Inc in Purcellville VA

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Animal Au Paws, Inc

38192 Highland Farm Place

Purcellville, VA 20132



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Animal Au Paws (AAP) full service Pet Sitting and Dog Walking company incorporated in Northern Virginia, serving Loudoun and Fairfax Counties. Its owner, Diep “Rosie” Bundick, is a long time resident of Northern Virginia. Rosie and her husband, Paul, have owned and cared for pets all of their lives and have a deep affection for all animals. They are proud and loving parents of three pets: Max (a Labrador/Rottweiler mix) and Scooter (rescued from abandonment so your guess is as good as ours). After providing pet care for friends, family, and colleagues for many years, Rosie found something that she loved to do. She decided it was time to close the chapter on a 10-year career in software development and program management and follow her hearts desires . . . caring for animals!!!

Dog Tags For Pets

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Dog tags for pets

Dogs are dynamic and fascinating animals. Did you know that the average dog can run about 19 mph? Greyhounds are actually the fastest dogs on Earth and can run at speeds of 45 mph. A dog, or an kind of pet for that matter, can be a beloved and cherished family member. In fact, did you know that 4 percent of pet owners say that their pet makes them smile at least once a day?

If you own a dog it is crucial to note that dog ID tags are absolutely essential. Dog tags for dogs, also known as pet tags, allow your dog to be identified in the event he or she is lost or separated from you. When looking into dog tags for pets, you may specifically want to look into a microchip. A microchip registry tag includes an identifying number for the dog with a phone number for the registry. Therefore, if you are looking into dog tags for pets a microchip can be a great option. Ultimately, if you are a pet owner make sure that your pet has pet id tags, whether they be cat tags or dog tags for pets, so that he or she can be identified and returned to you in the event that they are lost. Read this for more.

Five Reasons Why Healthy Dog Treats Make For A Healthier Dog

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Dog treats made in usa

Dogs have just over 219 million cells in their noses that are smell sensitive. If you are looking to help your dog lead a long happy life, healthy dog treats are a must. Giving your dog the best food and treats possible is important to their health. When you give your dog homemade dog treats, you can feel confident that they are eating treats that are made from the best of ingredients.

Dog’s noses have a pattern that is as unique as a human fingerprint and can be used to tell them apart. Healthy dog treats come in a variety of flavors, ensuring that you will be able to find one that your dog likes to both smell and taste. You will even find peanut butter dog treats that will help to satisfy your dog’s craving for sweet foods. Finding the right treat company to shop with will allow you to find the best selection of treats to purchase for your dog.

Dogs are able to detect most odors at parts per trillion. Dogs can smell things that we humans cannot and they will know healthy dog treats when they smell them. Making sure that you find the best dog treats made in USA is imperative to your dog’s health. Selecting the right dog treat retailer to shop with will allow you to find treats that your dog is guaranteed to love.

90 percent of all pet owners state that they consider their pet part of their family. Finding the best healthy dog treats can seem like a chore, but when you look for a company that uses only the highest quality ingredients, you will certainly find treats that your dog loves. When you feed your dog homemade dog biscuits, you can feel confident that they are getting the best quality ingredients that will help to keep them as healthy as they possibly can be.

When Dalmatians are born, they are completely white. No matter what your dog likes to eat, there are treats that are available with their favorite ingredients. You can even find wheat free dog treats that are for dogs with wheat allergies. When you feed your dog healthy dog treats, you can feel confident that they will have the best chance of leading a long healthy life. When you combine high quality food with the best treats, your dog will be full of energy.
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Buying Pet Insurance

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Cat insurance

With the veterinary industry becoming more and more sophisticated, the advent of dog insurance has begun. Pet insurance is part of what has made the case for pet insurance to be a priority. There is not only dog insurance, there is also cat insurance as well. The best insurance plan is the one that only covers emergencies, but also has preventative care available to the pet owner and will help them cover major surgery costs as well as helps them avoid stiff overcharges. Many pet owners say that their pets are their best friends, and with nearly one hundred percent saying that their dogs or other pets make them smile at least once daily, we are finding that the case for dog insurance or pet insurance in general is big. Then to take it one step further there are many people out there that will do a pet insurance comparison to see what kind of dog insurance will give them the best coverage for their pet’s needs. Many people want the best pet insurance possible for their pet and they will not just buy cheap pet insurance and call it a day. They will go to all lengths to find what will be best for their pet. They know that it pays to compare dog insurance companies and get the best care for their furry friend.