What is Wrong With My Pug?

Pug health problems

When looking for a dog, it is prudent to consider the dog health problems that are common to whatever breed of dog you are looking to get. Knowing some of the issues that your future dog could potentially deal with is a good idea before you get the dog.

One popular type of dog with a track record of health issues is the pug. Some pug health problems are common to many dogs, and some are unique to pugs.

Many small dogs suffer from luxating patella. It is sometimes called “trick knees.” It involves the dislocation of the small bone at the end of the femur. It is one of the pug health problems that usually requires surgery. Not only does the surgery relieve pain and fix the problem, it prevents other potential pug health problems. Although it is generally successful, the surgery is expensive.

A few other health problems that plague several different breeds of dog include blindness as the vessels around the retinas degenerate or as the white part of the eye becomes pigmented and irritated and the obstruction of the airway of a dog, which results in weird snoring and honking noises. All of these can be fixed with surgery.

Specific pug health problems include pug dog encephalitis, which involves the swelling of the brain. This can lead to seizures, and there is no known cure. When looking for dogs, especially when looking at pugs, it is important to know the pug health problems that could effect the dog through its tenure with you.

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  1. This article forgot to mention one of the diseases that almost every pug has. They are incredibly ugly. Doctors have agreed that it is genetic. Some people love the dogs anyway.

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